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Poland to decide on Warsaw bourse selloff in 2 weeks

  Poland will decide on a new privatization scenario for the Warsaw bourse in two weeks, Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said on Tuesday.


Grad, who joined the Prime Minister Donald Tusk in his visit to the Middle East, said the government decided to sell the stake in only one step, not in two as planned earlier. “We have decided to sell the stake at the bourse in one step. Now our advisers are preparing possible scenarios and we will pick one over next two weeks,” Grad told reporters.

The plan to privatize the bourse was derailed by Polish President Lech Kaczynski’s decision to block the legislation allowing for it. Originally the government wanted to sell up to two-thirds of the bourse; first some 30-35% would be sold to institutional investors and later some 25 to 30% would be sold in an initial public offering. (Reuters)