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Poland in bottom ranks of murder statistics

One person per 100,000 is murdered in Poland, one of the lowest figures in Europe, according to a new United Nations report surveying 200 countries around the world.

The Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have the highest murder rates in the EU - in Lithuania 8.3 in 100,000 are the victims of homicide. Police spokesman Mariusz Sokołowski says the cause of many crimes in Poland is alcohol related. “Currently, the majority of homicides take place when people are drunk,” he explains. According to police data, robberies, sexual motives and gang warfare constitute only 10% of all homicides in Poland. However, as with all statistics, such figures have to be treated lightly. A leading weekly magazine recently carried a major article declaring that alcohol consumption in Poland is slightly below the EU average, and therefore the authors dispelled the myth that Poland is a country full of drunks. (Warsaw Business Journal)