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PM unveils New Hungary Development Plan

The government has prepared a long-term development plan for the country called the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP), Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány announced on Thursday.

After restoring balance to the economy and carrying out much-needed reforms, developments must start, Gyurcsány said. He added that the first step required quick and decisive measures.
The NHDP for the EU budgetary period of 2007-2013 focuses on employment and growth, said Gordon Bajnai, government commissioner in charge of the plan. Funding during the period totals Ft 8,000 billion, most of which is EU money. The majority, Ft 7,000 billion, will be allocated via the NHDP and the remaining Ft 1,000 billion through the National Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy, Bajnai said. Bajnai said 75%-80% of funding would be spent on infrastructure, with the rest to be spent on employment and social care-related programs. Bajnai stressed that spending under the fund should decrease the rate at which money is redistributed by the state, and it should draw in more private capital. “We will not put money into a sack with a hole in it,” he said.
The proposed outline of the NHDP will be available online from the National Development Agency homepage from August 1. After it is debated in Parliament, it will go before the National Development Council and the government is scheduled to decide on the plan on September 27. The NHDP must be submitted to Brussels on October 1.