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PM sees Hungary strong candidate for quick euro introduction

The 2010 budget drafted by the government enjoys the full support of international monetary organizations, has resulted in the forint stabilizing and paves the way for Hungary to introduce the euro before Poland or the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai said.

Nonetheless, he declined to name a specific target date claiming global currency markets are far too volatile to make grounded estimates. Speaking to weekly Figyelő, he also pointed out deficiencies in the current Hungarian system, which allow the state to be “gnawed at” by a range of specific interests at the expense of public good, a phenomenon the state is presently too weak to counter.

He also criticized the rhetoric of the political opposition saying that the right-wing’s claims of quick euro accession while letting the deficit soar are unacceptable and are in fact detached from reality. (Gazdasági Rádió)