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PM Orban calls past year "success story"

The past year was a success story for Hungary, as the country, unlike Greece, Ireland and Portugal, avoided falling into an abyss, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the commercial channel TV2 on Sunday evening.

Orban dismissed press rumors about the possibility of early election as "nonsense". He said that the next general elections would take place in 2014, as scheduled.

Concerning Hungary's EU presidency, Orban said the country had to work in crossfire, but demonstrated that Hungary "is no longer a country you can mess with".

Assessing the first year of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat government, the PM said their job was relatively easy as everyone was aware of the need of extraordinary measures and trusted that whatever the government was doing would only do the country good.

Bankers were unhappy about the new banking tax, the multinational corporations about the crisis taxes and deputies about cutting their numbers down by half, but "everyone accepted that in times of trouble this is the natural course of things."

He added that he expected 2011 to be more difficult as it is getting clear to everyone the country can no longer operate in the current form and has to be reorganized."Now there is a mixed reception. Sometimes I already feel that some people out there would wish I would go to hell," Orban said.

He added, however, that the government would take no austerity measures because "that would lead to nowhere".