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PM on health sector’s opportunities with China

Hungarian Prime Minister Gyurcsány Ferenc on Tuesday visited east China’s Shanghai Municipality and announced the opening of the Hungary Cultural Festival.

The Hungarian prime minister attended a concert jointly performed by the Chinese and Hungarian musicians. The main music for the concert was written by Franz Liszt, world-known Hungarian romanticist musician in the 19th century. Gyurcsány said he believed the music could bring tender greetings and beautiful joy to Chinese audience from the hometown of Liszt. He hoped Hungarian culture could leave its traces on the streets and in the parks of Chinese cities as well as in the hearts of the Chinese people.

The Hungary Cultural Festival was only part of a series of activities hailing the Hungary Festival which will stretch from September of 2007 to April of 2008. During the Hungary Festival, a number of events will be held to promote Hungarian tourism and bilateral economics and trade. Gyurcsány arrived in Shanghai on Tuesday afternoon. He is the first Hungarian prime minister to visit Shanghai.

During his visit to China, PM Ferenc Gyurcsány paid special attention to the ongoing transformation process of the Chinese health care system. He found that the Chinese health care system will soon offer great opportunities to Hungarian companies, e.g. the ones making and distributing medical accessories and machines, reads government spokesman Dávid Daróczi’s communiqué.

China is just creating the so far unknown social insurance system – at present every Chinese citizen has to pay for health care services. The EU appreciates the fact that Hungary is hosting the Center for Chinese Brands, because it will hopefully curb the inflow of fake products from China, EU tax commissioner László Kovács told radio station Info Radio.

According to news agency New China, Gyurcsány said it is unjust to prohibit all the products coming from a given country, but, at the same time he urged the Chinese government to call their producers to observe the consumer protection rules of the EU. Daily Magyar Hírlap reported that after a bilateral discussion with his colleague Wen Jiabao, Premier of the State Council, Gyurcsány said that the government of Hungary accepts the “one China” principle and objects to Taiwan’s independence. The report was confirmed by a posting on China International Radio’s website. (, Gazdasági Rádió, Napi Gazdaság, Magyar Hirlap)