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PM Gyurcsány presents economic proposals

In its Tuesday edition the Népszabadság daily’s paid supplement will present the invigorating proposals of the economy put forward by the government.

According to PM Ferenc Gyurcsány the government will continue its program started almost a year ago. Proposals regard years to come, and they are more just than simple tax proposals - he added. PM highlighted that tax cuts, simplifying tax, broadening tax base and stiffening tax collection has to be done together. It’s not enough just to collect taxes one has to renew also the social security and educational system. PM told journalist that crafting the program they considered other party’s opinions, and not only the view of the social liberal SzDSz.

In a former joint council of the ruling socialist party’s leader’s and the government’s top leadership in June Gyurcsány talked about the need to reform the social security system in order to help the jobless, and told that a simpler tax system and less tax benefits are needed in Hungary. President of SzDSz Gábor Fodor after meeting Gyurcsány on the 24th of June told press that they asked an active program from the PM. As a responsible opposition party they will decide supporting this program after reading it.

Fraction leader of SzDSz János Kóka at the weekend told  that the government’s economic program can be considered serious only if in the following three years it contains a minimum of Ft 1000 billion tax relief and the same amount of state expense cuts. (Gazdasági Rádió)