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PM calls opposition for cooperation, Fidesz rejects offer

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány on Friday called upon the opposition to cooperate in amending the laws which require two-thirds majority support in Parliament; the opposition Fidesz party, however, repeatedly turned down his invitation for a five-party meeting on Sunday.

Closing a two-day parliamentary debate over his government's program, Gyurcsány said the government was prepared to negotiate at any place, even in the presence of the media. The prime minister initiated a five-party meeting this week to discuss public administration and local government reforms that require two-thirds majority support in Parliament.
The main opposition Fidesz party said it would stay away from the event and accused the Socialists of “an attempt to spread responsibility for the restrictive measures with which they are going to torment the public.” Instead, Fidesz once again proposed that the Socialists should submit their bills to Parliament where all the five parties are in attendance.
The Christian Democrats, a close ally of Fidesz, also rejected Gyurcsány’s invitation while the conservative opposition MDF party said they would be prepared to negotiate motions for amending the law on local governments both within a five-party framework and in Parliament.