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Peru willing to sign trade deal with EU

Peru is willing to sign a trade deal with the European Union despite differences within the Andean Community (CAN), said Peruvian President Alan Garcia Tuesday.

Garcia made the remarks to new Italian Ambassador to Peru Francesco Rausi during a ceremony. He expressed his wish to develop Peru-EU trade despite the lack of consensus among CAN member states on the group’s trade policy toward the EU. However, the EU has said it wants to sign an agreement with CAN, rather than with each of its member states.

Colombia and Peru want to speed up the negotiations with EU on a trade agreement, but Bolivia and Ecuador have different opinions. The two countries have criticized Peru’s trade stance and opposed previous attempts to change the group’s trade policies.

Headquartered in the Peruvian capital of Lima, CAN is a regional trade bloc to promote regional economic and social development through cooperation and integration. Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru are its current full members. Chile withdrew from the group in 1976, followed by Venezuela in 2006. (Xinhua)