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Parliamentary debate day on health reform

The future health insurance funds will have to guarantee the provision of at least 500,000 people each, said Health Minister Ágnes Horváth on Wednesday, on the debate day initiated by the Fidesz.

The funds can rally clients at the initial auction and later by recruiting and they will be forbidden to select among clients. Choosing cannot be accepted because the quota per capita system will provide more money for people who are more likely to fall ill, she added. The amount of health contributions will not change, GPs can be freely chosen and everybody will be insured in the future as well, she confirmed. The funds will not be given any guarantee on profit.

István Mikola of opposition party Fidesz reiterated his party's disapproval, which is based on the rejection of a profit-oriented system. MDF does not support the planned health insurance reform because it does not promote competition between service providers since the patients cannot freely choose them, said Ibolya Dávid, chairwoman of the minor opposition party.

Also, it does not guarantee that gratuity money will disappear and the new system costs more than the current one, she added. She also criticized the lack of a proper preparation for the social insurance bill. (Napi Gazdaság, Gazdasági Rádió)