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Parliament votes to eliminate early retirement pensions

Parliament on Monday passed a constitutional amendment which allows early retirement pensions to be eliminated and converted into social allowances.

Under the amendment, submitted by three MPs of governing Fidesz, pensions paid now to retirees who are healthy and are under the official retirement age can be eliminated.

The motion was carried with 263 in favor and 108 against.

János Lázár, who heads Fidesz's parliamentary group, said that the law applies to policemen, firefighters, customs and excise officers, border guards, as well as prison guards that have used the early retirement option in recent years. He said the law would not apply to "miners, chemists and musicians."

Fidesz suggests that the law should not be applied to people older than 57, Lázár added.

He said the government's aim is to encourage law enforcement people in early retirement but younger than 57 to return to work.

"Hungary cannot afford to spend over HUF 50 billion a year to support 30,000 healthy workers, who could otherwise contribute to the country's security," Lázár said.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of law-enforcement employees protested in front of the Justice Ministry against the government's plans to scrap early retirement with a retroactive effect.