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Parliament elects five Constitutional Court judges

Hungary's parliament on Monday elected five new judges to the Constitutional Court.

Mária Szívós, a senior judge of the Municipal Court of Budapest, lawyer and political scientist Béla Pokol, Fidesz lawmaker and former justice minister István Balsai, and lawyer Péter Szalay were elected. Egon Dienes-Oehm was elected as the fifth member to the body, nominated by the Fidesz-ally Christian Democrats.

The green opposition LMP party stayed away from the vote, citing that the nomination procedure had disregarded parliamentary rules in that the ad hoc committee nominating the candidates "consulted merely for ten minutes", failed to consider if the candidates were suitable for the post, and voted before hearing them.

The Constitutional Court had one seat vacant and the number of its members was to be boosted from 11 to 15 from September 1, under an amendment recently passed by parliament.