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Oszkó to use publicity to prove false accusation

Ex finance minister Péter Oszkó wrote in his blog on Saturday he would prove in the next few days that he had been falsely accused of involvement in the Sukoró casino investment case.
In response to a recent announcement by the Government's Control Office (Kehi) on his and János Veres's involvement in the casino project, Oszkó wrote that he would use publicity and justice to prove that the allegations were false and misleading and were based on incomplete and edited documents.
The allegations, he wrote, "woke me up from my daydreaming of days when the time of consolidated government work has come, when actual problems, measures or the lack of them will not be disguised by public scandals based on personal lies and slander."
Kehi head Szabolcs Barna Gaál had said two days before Oszkó wrote his blog entry that investigation on the contracts of the casino investment had come to an end and several documents were found that gave them reasons to think that former finance ministers Oszkó and Veres had been involved in the project. Gaál also said that they pressed criminal charges against unknown perpetrator.
The case has been investigated since 2009. In 2008, the Hungarian state swapped two plots for one plot in Sukoró, and it is suspected that it lost HUF 1.3 billion on the transaction. (BBJ)