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Orbán withdraws bid to be Prime Minister

Opposition leader Viktor Orbán withdrew his candidacy to become the country's next prime minister and proposed a new joint candidate for his Fidesz party and the smaller opposition Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF), Bloomberg reported.

”We have to find a person who is capable of unifying the political right,” Orbán said at a press conference in Budapest today. “It's obvious that Fidesz won't be able to govern without the Hungarian Democratic Forum's support.”
Forum Chairwoman Ibolya Dávid rejected Orbán's proposal to name former central bank President Péter Ákos Bod as the joint candidate, the news site reported without citing anyone. Orbán proposed Bod and former Foreign Minister János Martonyi for the job, Inforádió reported earlier.
Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány's Socialist Party won the country's April 9 first-round vote with 43.2% to 42% for Fidesz. The smaller coalition Alliance of Free Democrats got 6.5% and MDF received 5%.