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Orbán leaning towards changing media law

For the first time Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told journalists that Hungary might be willing to modify its controversial media bill that has placed the country and its freshly started EU presidency in the media and political crossfire.

Earlier, Orbán was adamant that the government has no intention whatsoever to yield to the international pressure.

However, Foreign Minister Jánois Martonyi on Wednesday hinted that the government has shifted its stance on the issue.

Experts said that it is highly likely that the government will eventually give in to the demands. They also pointed out that the cabinet was caught off guard by the storm that the bill stirred up as well as the unrelenting onslaught of critic targeted at the country.

Despite this latest demonstration of flexibility, Orbán quickly added that if Hungary were to make the demanded changes, Germany, Holland and France should do the same since their own regulatory schemes contain provisions similar to those included in Hungary’s. (BBJ)