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Orbán goes to Germany for scolding

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán traveled to Berlin on Wednesday to meet with the German Chancellor. Staying diplomatic, Angela Merkel clearly expressed her disapproval of Hungary’s apparent reluctance to implement fiscal austerity.

“Although Hungary is not a member of the euro zone, the stability pact criteria applies for everyone,” Merkel said at a press conference following her talks with Orbán, a statement that was seen as a very strong warning by observers.

Orbán on the other hand maintained his apparent indifference to the criticism made against Hungary in the wake of the failed IMF negotiations. He said there was no point in discussing long term questions with the fund after the suspension of talks.

“We need to reach agreement not with the IMF, but with the EU how we reduce our deficit from 3.8% to a level below three percent as expected by the European Union. But we need to negotiate that with the European Union. We will do that,” Orbán said. “Our budget for next year we will do with the European Union in accordance with these negotiations,” he added. (BBJ)