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Orbán cabinet takes oath

Viktor Orbán has officially been sworn in to office on Saturday as Hungary's new prime minister.

Having received the necessary majority of votes, Orbán along with his government have taken their oaths and during the same day received their letter of commission from President László Sólyom.

The same day Orbán addressed a rally of supporters thousands strong and reiterated the need for the new government to usher in a new era of cooperative politics that will finally sever ties with the painful legacy of the socialist era and the past eight years of left-wing governance.

Parliament also approved the Fidesz government program that was released over the weekend. Orbán responded to criticism that the document is just a rehash of the Fidesz election campaign and is no less vague by saying the program is a collection of general targets, the finer details of which will be worked out later.  (Index)