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Opposition's referendum proposal to go before Constitution Court

The proposal by opposition parties Fidesz and KDNP to hold a referendum on the government's reform plans will go before the Constitution Court, court spokesman András Sereg said on Friday.

The opposition proposed seven questions to be included in the referendum and the National Election Committee (OVB) has rejected four of these. Fidesz said back in November that it would submit an appeal to the Constitution Court and deputy spokesperson András Cser-Palkovics told Friday's daily Népszabadság that this would be done by the end of the day. Two private individuals have in the meantime submitted two separate appeals against the remaining three questions, concerning the privatization of hospitals, the sale of non-prescription medicines outside pharmacies and the pre-emptive rights of family farmers to buy land.
As a result, the Constitution Court plans to deliver separate verdicts on all seven questions in the referendum, Sereg said. In addition, the court will also assess the interrelation of the questions and their overall effect on the government program, he added. The referendum questions will be given special priority in the court's schedule, which means decisions can be expected within two or three months, Sereg said.