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Opposition party to sue PM

The main opposition Fidesz party will initiate legal procedures against Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány on charges of concealing and falsifying information of public interest, said Fidesz MP János Áder, deputy speaker of parliament, on Saturday. Áder spoke at a party rally of approximately 50,000 people in Budapest's Kossuth tér, outside Hungary's Parliament, and said that the country had been taken hostage by the prime minister, who had caused a political, economic and moral crisis. Apart from causing a huge damage to the Hungarian economy, Gyurcsány also destroyed Hungary's foreign relations, Áder said, adding that the prime minister had used "means not permissible in a democracy in order to retain power." Boos and hisses were heard from the crowd, people chanted slogans including "Gyurcsány resign" and "To prison with him." Soon after Áder's speech, demonstrators began to leave Kossuth square, where only a few thousand of them stayed into the early evening hours. On Friday, Parliament voted confidence to Gyurcsány and his government, which motion he had initiated following a secretly taped speech was leaked, in which the prime minister accused himself, the government and past governments of lying to the public. At a Fidesz rally outside Parliament following Friday's vote, party chairman Viktor Orbán called on supporters to continue protesting against the prime minister every afternoon. He added that MPs of his party would be in the square with the crowd each day. (