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Opposition party files lawsuit to gain full publication of government agreements with China

Opposition party LMP has initiated court proceedings against Hungary's government and the National Development Ministry aimed at compelling them to publish in full the bilateral agreements signed with China in June, the party said late on Monday.

LMP has already asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to publish in full the dozen bilateral agreements signed during a visit from Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Hungary late June, arguing that the agreements are of public interest.

National Development Minister Tamás Fellegi allowed the party access to six intergovernment agreements, but said that the other six documents were not available for the ministry.

Party parliamentary-group leader Andras Shiffer examined the six agreements last Friday, but he also filed a suit for the full disclosure of all the agreements.

Fellegi's ministry said that the international agreements could contain details which can be published only after approval by the other party. The ministry noted that the ministry published information regarding the agreements on its website right after their signing, adding that bilateral talks on publishing further details is underway.

The ministry also argued that publishing some points of the agreements could be harmful to Hungary's economic interests.