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OECD: Reforms should continue

Against all problems OECD suggests that reforms should continue in the Hungarian health care system. The organization thinks measures that increase performance should dominate in the future.

This advice is part of the overall report about the Hungarian economy, which highlights the need to lower budget deficit and to finish reforms. The report reminds that Hungary had the highest deficit in 2006, and recorded the slowest growth in 2007 - only 1.3%.

The report states, that in the field of health care, reform plans are different. OECD reminded that Ágnes Horváth was dismissed from health care minister because she passed a bill that allowed private companies to buy shares from state health care insurers. The drug-thrift bill, that requires drug companies to pay 12% tax for the producer part of the subsidized drugs, resulted in a 17% drop in the field of subsidized drugs. (Napi Gazdaság)