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Nokia Village builders in Romania fined

Construction firms involved in setting up the Romanian base of mobile phone maker Nokia have been penalized by authorities.

13 companies involved in the construction works at the site of the future Nokia plant in Jucu, near Cluj, Romania have received fines totaling over $23,144 after local authorities ran checks in the area. The main irregularities identified were related to foreign citizens detached to work on the site, NewsIn informs. Some 161 foreign citizens from Slovakia, Germany and Poland working on Nokia's building site are not legally registered.

Companies detaching personnel from abroad are compelled to inform local authorities.

Chief Inspector Daniel Pacuraru declared that each firm was fined with some $1,795 since none of the companies informed the authorities in due time. Pacuraru added that company representatives argued that they had no knowledge about the requirement.

Last month, a German company contracted to build Nokia Village was forced to hire foreign personnel as Romanians were not professional enough, Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat read recently. (HotNews)