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No need for “lex-Schmitt”, Orbán says

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the Parliament will not have ”lex-Schmitt” on its agenda, a proposal that would make the past of public dignitaries transparent, online portal Index reported.

“I find the whole issue derogatory,” Orbán said. The proposal was presented by the Socialists’ ex-Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and current president of MSzP Attila Mesterházy on Monday, a few days after online found some shady points in Hungarian President Pál Schmitt’s CV suggesting that Schmitt collaborated with the communist regime in the ’60s while working at Astoria Hotel.

The portal also stated that Schmitt received a suspended prison sentence in 1964. The office of the president KEH replied in a statement saying that the documents of a traffic accident in 1964 will soon be made public in order to clear Schmitt but it is pointless to talk about any collaboration with the officials of the communist regime, as the identity of such officials is confidential.