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No Hungarian companies to close for lack of special pollution certificate

No companies in Hungary are expected to close for lack of a special certificate required under the EU's Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) directive by October 31, 2007, expert state secretary at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Water Management György Erdéy told MTI on Friday.

The IPPC directive seeks to minimize pollution from industrial and agricultural processes by requiring the biggest polluters to show they are taking measures to this aim using the best available techniques. Companies that successfully demonstrate their efforts are awarded a certificate.

About two-thirds of the 800-1,000 Hungarian companies required to obtain the certificates have already done so, Erdéy said. The rest, many of them big farms responsible for nitrate pollution, had already applied for the certificate and are expected to obtain their certificates by the October deadline. The investments necessary to meet the standards outlined under the directive add up to about Ft 450 billion, Erdéy said. (Mti-Eco)