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New cabinet to hold founding session on Friday

  The cabinet of Hungary’s newly elected Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai is expected to hold its founding session on Friday, if the president nominates the members of the new cabinet, sources close to the government told MTI on Wednesday.

Hearings for the nominees for the cabinet posts started late on Tuesday and are expected to wrap up on Thursday.

The new government’s crisis management program is planned to be finalized at a Sunday session, and its elements will be announced after that meeting, the source said.

A new post will be set up within the prime minister’s office for government commissioner to oversee the execution of the crisis management program.

Bajnai said on Tuesday that he would present details of his program to the public before the end of the week. He said his program aims at crisis management, recovering the fiscal balance, jump-starting economic growth and restoring trust in government by tackling corruption. (MTI-Econews)