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Natural gas price may get a 25% hike in August

Pending government approval, the Economy and Transport Ministry is planning to raise the price of natural gas as of August by 25% for households below a consumption threshold of 1,500 cubic meters per month; those in the 1,500-3,000 cubic meter bracket will pay 30% more, whereas above 3,000 cubic meters a 37% price hike will apply, according to business daily Napi Gazdaság. The figures differ significantly from those quoted by another newspaper a few weeks ago, which were 10%, 30% and 50%, respectively. As opposed to the average 30% rate of increase, the new welfare subsidy system will reduce this effect to 10%-12% for large families and people with disabilities, the newspaper reported, adding that retirees using district heating will receive subsidies to be able to pay their heating bills.