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MPs declare modest assets

The declarations of assets MPs had to submit by Wednesday midnight does not tell of drastic changes in politicians’ wealth. 4 out of 10 MPs have vested interests, mostly as proprietors in family businesses and smaller firms.

László Kapolyi from MSZP still tops the list with savings reaching Ft 300 million, while one of the most modestly living MPs, Tamás Deutsch-Für, finally purchased an apartment, his statement shows. From among the heads of ministries the Finance and the Health minister own the most real estate. Party leaders, under stricter scrutiny than other MPs, declared insubstantial savings and scant real estate property.

The regulations obliging MP’s to reveal their wealth are meant to fight corruption, but their efficiency is widely questioned. Representatives themselves seem to have no scruples, though István Gyenesi independent MP must have been making fun of the procedure when he listed his children and grandchildren as protected works of art. (Magyar Hírlap, Napi Gazdaság)