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Most major reforms to take place in 2007-2008, PM says

Most major reforms will be implemented in the next two years, while the transformation of the municipality and pension systems will only take place after 2010, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány told a conference organized by economic think-tank GKI on Tuesday.

Gyurcsány said he considered improved services, equal access to services and long-term sustainability as the three main targets of the government's reform program. In the health care sector, Gyurcsány said an insurance-type system had to be introduced. The government will decide on Wednesday on important health care issues, he added.
Gyurcsány posed the question of whether Hungary's institutions are prepared for reforms. It remains a question whether hospitals will be prepared to collect visit fees from patients put into detoxification facilities on January 1 or 2, he said. One of the elements of the reform program is the introduction from the start of 2007 of a fee for visits to the doctor or hospitals.