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Minister welcomes drop in tannery pollutants

Hungarian Environment Minister Imre Szabóü welcomed an announcement by a tannery in Wollsdorf, Austria, that it had cut emissions of naphthalene 1.5-disulphonate into the Raba river, which flows into Hungary, by 90%, the environment ministry announced on Wednesday.

The ministry called the pollution cut a significant measure within the Hungarian-Austrian Rába action plan, that will significantly reduce pollution of the river in 2009.

The Wollsdorf tannery has replaced the naphthalene disulphonate with other tanning agents and has upgraded its cleaning equipment, reducing the amount of pollutants entering the river.

Hungary initiated the project stop unsightly foam on the Rába and improve its water quality and ecology. It has resulted in the introduction by Austria of stricter environmental regulations for tanneries along the river. (MTI – Econews)