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Minister on reforms in Hungarian public transportation

Minister of Economy and Transportation, János Kóka said, he remains in his position until reforms can go ahead.

Reforms will continue next year, and the most important task is to modernize public transportation, liberalizing energy market, and to minimize administrative burden on enterprises, he said to the MTI. As a part of the reform of the public transportation, the ministry plans to take over the asset management of the Volán bus-line companies, for cost cutting and reorganization.
Unnecessary management and board positions will be dismissed, the bus park will be modernized and the time tables of bus-lines and railways will be harmonized. Lorries and trailer trucks will have to pay a fee for using roads outside the motorways, in order to keep the traffic of heavy vehicles on the motorways, the minister said.

Not long ago the ministry also announced that it wants to privatize the motorway operating company. The minister also said that Ft 900 million government subsidy will also be spent next year, on redirecting cargo transportation to railways. „But break trough can only be expected when the railway infrastructure will be modernized" the minister added. Kóka also said that a new legislation is needed to regulate electricity and gas supply, and the whole market should be liberalized in both industries, by the H2 of 2007.
The minister admitted that he made a mistake by underestimating the resistance, and underestimating the fact that many people are not interested in the reforms. „In the Ministry of Economy and Transportation reforms are already in progress. Inside the ministry and in the institutions that belong to the ministry, the number of departments was reduced from 70 to 23,” he said. (