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Minister expresses Hungary's commitment for Nabucco

Hungary’s Economy Minister Csaba Kákosy met Jozias van Aartsen, the EU coordinator for the Nabucco pipeline project in Brussels and reassured him of Hungary's strong commitment for the project.

Kákosy stressed that the Hungarian-Russian agreement on the South Stream project, an alternative pipeline which will bring Russian gas to Hungary through the Balkans, would in no way hinder the successful execution of the Brussels-backed Nabucco pipeline project.

According to the statement Aartsen shared this view and expressed his belief that the agreement will not hinder Hungary's participation in Nabucco.

The two met just before Hungary and Russia signed an agreement in Moscow on jointly building a stretch of the South Stream pipeline that will pass through Hungary.

Hungary has taken steps to foster international cooperation on the Nabucco pipeline, Kákosy told the EU coordinator, noting that Hungary had prepared and passed to the ambassadors of the affected countries a draft of an inter-government agreement on the project according to the previously agreed schedule. Hungary will do all in its power to push ahead with the signing of the agreement, and this would significantly accelerate the project, Kákosy told Aartsen.

Kákosy offered Budapest as venue at which to carry on with the talks and invited Aartsen to participate in them.

After meeting EU's Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs in Brussels on Tuesday, Kákosy said that the European Union does not object to Hungary's participation in a joint venture with Russia's Gazprom to build the pipeline as long as it provides support and assistance for the establishment of the Nabucco pipeline as well. (MTI-Econews)