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Martonyi: Hungary still eager to introduce euro

Hungary's new government will be strongly committed to introduction of the euro regardless of the recent turbulence in the eurozone, Foreign Minister-designate János Martonyi said on Wednesday.

"Our commitment stems from our basic political and economic strategy. We want European integration to be stronger and deeper and entering the eurozone could help to achieve this, and if the European integration process ever started into a more distinct inner differentiation, we want to move towards the hard core", Világgazdaság quoted Martonyi as saying on Wednesday.

Hungary's rotating EU-presidency in the first half of next year will provide Hungary with a chance to prove that it is a European country "capable of working", Martonyi said.

Talking about how tasks concerning the economy will be shared in the new government, the foreign minister-designate said that multilateral trade policies, issues related to the global regulation systems and relations with the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be handled by his ministry.

With regard to Russia, Martonyi said that agreement on basic issues has already been reached, while the party constituting Hungary's new government, Fidesz, was still in opposition.

“We want stable, transparent and mutually advantageous relations based on mutual confidence. We welcome Russian capital into Hungary just like any other investments. This is important in achieving our goal to create one million new jobs in the next ten years. At the same time, there are some strategic companies in which we would not like to increase foreign, including Russian, participation", Martonyi said.

The foreign minister-designate also expressed his confidence that the "MOL-Surgutneftegas question will be solved sooner rather than later.”

“The Hungarian-Russian relationship needs neither sources of tension nor mediators. Hungarian exports to Russia must be increased significantly. We welcome Chinese capital in the same way, and Hungary's exports to China should also be multiplied. The same applies to India, and the job of foreign policy is to create the best possible circumstances", the newspaper quoted Martonyi. (MTI-ECONEWS)