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Majority approve of Fidesz government

Half of the Hungarians rate the new Fidesz government's performance “good” or “very good”, according a new poll by Medián.

Although Fidesz's popularity among decided voters has slipped somewhat over the past few months, the party is still miles ahead of its chief rival socialist MSzP in the polls: if elections were held today, 66% of Hungarians would vote for Fidesz, compared to only 15% for MSzP.

Whereas the first Fidesz government had a 45% backing in its first months in power, the incumbent Fidesz government is approved by 53%. In contrast, the second Gyurcsány-led MSzP government took off with a 27% approval rate.

Hungarians are also more upbeat about Hungary's future as 35% of the people polled in May said the country was headed in the right direction, compared to only 15% before the elections in April. (Népszabadság)