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Macedononian Parliament debate turns into street fight

Four people were injured and nine others detained Wednesday as a result of clashes between police and supporters of an ethnic Albanian minority party in Skopje, capital of Macedonia, news reaching here said.

The clashes broke out after two ethnic Albanian minority parties brawled during a parliamentary debate on proposed electoral reforms Tuesday night, police said. The debate turned violent after an MP from the Party for Democratic Prosperity (PDP) criticized the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) during a speech. MPs of the two parties exchanged blows inside the building before supporters of the DUI party blocked the streets outside and clashed with police. Police seized two assault rifles and four handguns from a car outside the building.

Ethnic Albanians make up about a quarter of the 2.1 million population in Macedonia. In 2001, Macedonia was on the brink of civil war after ethnic conflicts broke out. Six months of clashes were ended by a Western-brokered peace deal. (