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Macedonia to learn from Hungary’s EU, NATO experience

Hungary sets an important example for Macedonia on its accession to the European Union and NATO, Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki said after meeting his Hungarian counterpart Kinga Göncz in Budapest on Monday.

Hungary’s membership of the EU and NATO are diplomatic success stories which Macedonia would like to learn from in order to avoid mistakes, Milososki said. Göncz said Macedonia is a country that has increased its stability in the last years, when it was very much a problem country in the region.

The ministers agreed that bilateral relations were good, and Milososki said the Macedonian minister in charge of investments would visit Hungary next week to meet company executives and discuss ways to enhance business relations. On the subject of Kosovo’s status, Milososki and Göncz said Hungary’s and Macedonia’s viewpoints were similar in that creating a common EU standpoint on Kosovo would be desirable.

Milososki welcomed the fact that Hungary is among states which use the name Macedonia in diplomatic relations instead of the official Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom), while Greece is contesting Macedonia for use of the name over a province of its own which is called the same. (