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Macedonia, Montenegro to team up for markets abroad

Macedonia and Montenegro may jointly place the surplus of agricultural products in world’s major markets.

Macedonian Agriculture Minister Aco Spasenovski and Montenegrin Agriculture Minister Milutin Simonović discussed the possibility to set up a regional agricultural stock exchange through donor support, Podgorica’s daily Vijesti said Friday. “Thus, Macedonia and Montenegro could emerge with a joint offer in stock market, along with Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, which will give the farmers a bigger chance to place their products,” Simonović said.

At a joint press conference in Podgorica, Spasenovski underscored southeast Europe’s comparative advantages in terms of agriculture, but also that the region is not competitive enough and it needs a joint approach. “Farmers should support each other through subsidies and other measures, but they shouldn’t stay on guard all the time. Therefore, they should consider joint ventures.” (