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LMP presented its election program

Eco-party LMP presented its election program entitled Hungary Can Be Different! on Wednesday. The program is built on the strategies of sustainable future, receptive society and renewing democracy.

At a press conference held on Wednesday, program writing coordinator Péter Rauschenberger, country list topper András Schiffer and Benedek Jávor, the first one on the Budapest list talked about the details of the program that contains ideas about the renewing of democracy, the realization of receptive society and sustainability.

According to Lehet Más a Politika, democracy decay could be reversed if the parliament is controllable, the party structure is more flexible and citizens can participate more actively in a transparent public life.

To make the development of human capital as a strategic goal a reality, the closing up of those living in deep poverty, dropping out of public education and having disadvantages because of the neglect of the rural is necessary. LMP has worked out a serious of proposals concerning taxation and education while keeping in mind the needs of the rural areas.

The party believes that a sustainable economic and social order could be maintained without damaging our natural environment, assuring the growth of many. The program called Green Turn addresses topics other than traditional environment protection as well, like remodeling the economy or establishing an environmental democracy. (BBJ Online)