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LMP gathers signatures for referendum

Green opposition party LMP on Monday launched a campaign to gather signatures for a referendum that will seek to roll back government changes to rules on labor and education.

LMP has until April 2 to gather at least 200,000 signatures for the referendum which seeks to keep secondary school education mandatory for Hungarians up to the age of 18 rather than the recent reduction to the age of 16 ; extend the period during which Hungarians are eligible for job-seekers benefits to 260 days, as earlier; reduce the maximum trial employment period for new hires to 100 days; and give employees, rather than employers, the right to decide when they take time off for two-thirds of their allotted vacation.

The questions on the referendum would read:

"Do you agree that job-seekers' benefits should be paid out for a period a 260 days at the most?"

"Do you agree that trial periods with regard to work for longer than 100 days should not be allowed?"

"Do you agree that mandatory schooling should continue until the end of the school year in which the affected person reaches their 18th birthday?"

"Do you agree that employers should be required to assign two-thirds of basic vacation time based on the request of employees".