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Kubis and Göncz: Slovak-Hungarian dialogue must go on

Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Jan Kubis during a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Kinga Göncz in Sturovo (Nitra region) on Friday agreed that it is necessary to continue Slovak-Hungarian dialogue.

This dialogue, according to the ministers, should be supplemented by specific actions, such as Friday’s signing of agreements on the construction of two bridges spanning the Ipel River, for example. “The relations and their quality have much improved, they’re better than some politicians sometimes describe them,” Kubis told reporters, adding that Slovakia and Hungary should make use of the aforementioned actions more often in order to resolve existing problematic issues.

According to Göncz, however, it’s difficult for Hungary to cope with ambiguous information coming out of Slovakia. She pointed to occasions, when anti-Hungarian statements made in Slovakia are followed by calls by the Slovak Government for meetings with its Hungarian partners. (