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IT ministry to expand broadband access nationwide

Broadband internet access will be available to every household in Hungary by 2011, IT minister Kálmán Kovács said on Thursday.

Broadband internet coverage is currently technically accessible to 85% of Hungary's population, and this needs to be expanded, especially in small towns and villages, he said. The government has started implementation of a Ft 200 billion (€757.6 million) IT development scheme financed mainly from EU sources, Kovács said.
Hungary is 26% below the EU-15 average of the number of regular internet users, though there has been a considerable increase in Hungary over the past two years, Kovács said. He added that the ministry aims to ensure that 46% of households have a PC in their home by the end of the year.
One of the most difficult problems to overcome is how to make the internet popular among those shunning it categorically. According to recent polls, 60% of those without internet access have no desire to connect to the world wide web, Kovács said.