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Israel expects Hungary to vote against Palestinian independence in UN

Israel is hoping that Hungary will be one of the countries to vote against the independence and United Nations membership of Palestine in the upcoming UN General Assembly, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told MTI in an interview on Monday. Ayalon said that such support for the Palestinian side would lead to conflict in the region.

“It is not in Europe’s interest to support a decision which would increase uncertainty in the Middle East,” said the Israeli diplomat.

Ayalon is on a two-day visit to Budapest, aimed at strengthening bilateral ties. In his interview, he said that Hungary and Israel were countries of a similar philosophy and culture, connected by historical ties.

Concerning Israeli-Palestinian relations, Ayalon referred to earlier agreements that the two sides would settle open issues through bilateral negotiations without recourse to third parties, and said that the “one-sided Palestinian move” could mean an end of the peace process.

Even if the UN General Assembly voted in favor of Palestine, it would not change the current situation and would not create an independent state, Ayalon insisted. It would, however, raise unfounded Palestinian expectations, leading to violence and increased instability in the region, he added.