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Hungary's new president seeks to fill role of balance

Pál Schmitt, Hungary's new president, said at his swearing-in ceremony on Friday that he would seek to “fill the role of balance”.

“I wish to fill the role of balance, not of counterbalance,” Schmitt said. “As president of the republic, I will have to fulfill the role of balance between parliamentary parties, Hungarian society and various groups of the nation, in line with the current constitution and the new constitution to be drafted,” he added.

Hungary's government enjoys a two-thirds majority in Parliament, allowing it to make changes to the constitution without having to rely on the support of other parties.

Schmitt said he would recommend that the preamble to the new constitution should include references to Christianity and the Holy Crown.

He said he would make every effort to protect and enrich the Hungarian language and, as an Olympic gold medal winner, also work to include a reference to sports in the constitution.

The ceremony was attended by about 200 guests, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, former President Ferenc Mádl, former Prime Minister Péter Boross and new Parliamentary Speaker László Kövér. (MTI – Econews)