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Hungary's justice minister resigns

Justice and Law Enforcement Minister Tibor Draskovics on Tuesday tendered his resignation and will leave his post before the end of the year, the Justice Ministry told MTI on Wednesday.

Draskovics has decided to resign because “most of the legislative and other tasks have been successfully completed and the next period will be dominated by party politics rather than technical issues,” the ministry's statement said.

Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai has accepted the minister's resignation.

Draskovics, a former finance minister under the Socialist government of Péter Medgessy, was appointed to head the Justice Ministry in February this year by then Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, and Bajnai kept him on when he set up the crisis-management government in April.

In the summer, Draskovics was forced to apologizse for publishing inaccurate information when it released video footage giving a false impression of far-right activities. The opposition demanded his resignation at the time, but he was strongly backed by the ruling Socialist party and held on to his post. (MTI-Econews)