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Hungary's bid to grab a non-permanent seat in the Security Council could pay off

A former high-ranking Hungarian UN diplomat says that Hungary has very strong chances of becoming a non-permanent member of the United Nations' Security Council for the years 2012-2013. At the moment, Slovenia and Azerbaijan are Hungary's main competitors for the one spot designed for an eastern European country.

MTI newswire reports, quoting the senior diplomat, that Hungary’s chances could be boosted by the fact that, unlike Slovenia which last had a position at the high table in 1998-1999, it may be perceived that it is now Hungary’s turn, while Azerbaijan has less of a chance than either of its central European competitors.

Hungary holding the non-permanent seat in the Security Council is of international importance to Israel at the moment. With the vote on Palestinian statehood due to take place in the United Nations on September 20, Israeli lobby is getting increasingly active in the region and Hungary, in particular, praising the country for its struggle with anti-semitism and discrimination.