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Hungary to review 220,000 disability pensions

Hungary’s government will review about 220,000 disability pensions in the second half of the year, government spokesperson Anna Nagy said after a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

As many as half of the 220,000 pensions may be revoked after the review, Nagy said. Hungary has 724,000 active disability pensions.

Fidesz on Friday submitted a bill to parliament that seeks to eliminate pensions paid to people under the official retirement age. The pensions would be replaced by a social subsidy for people who qualify, but those who don't will have to return to work in order to make a living.

Nagy said the number of disability pensioners in Hungary is very high by international standards. While the rate of employment among people with reduced ability in the workplace averages 50% in the European Union, Hungary's rate is less than half of that, she said.

"A big part of those who live as disability pensioners would be much better off...if they had chances to work."