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Hungary to receive €3.8 bln in regional development funding in 2007-2013

The European Commission allocated €77.7 billion for regional development funding during the 2007-2013 budgetary period, including €28.5 billion to be used for convergence goals. Poland, slated to get €13.2 billion, will be the biggest recipient of the funding. Decisions on funding for Romania and Bulgaria, which will join the EU in 2007, will be made later. Hungary will receive €570.8 million in regional development funding in 2007, €537.5 million in 2008, €498.6 million in 2009, €509.2 million in 2010, €546.6 million in 2011, €563.3 million in 2012 and €578.7 million in 2013. The funding will be available for projects that preserve the countryside and protect the environment as well as projects that create jobs in the countryside. Some of it will also be made available for improving competitiveness in the farm and food sectors. Some of the money will also be used to support local associations under the EU's Leader program. (Magyar Hírlap, Napi Gazdaság)