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Hungary to help set up EU Tripoli mission

Hungary’s Ambassador to Libya, Béla Marton, received a delegation of the European external action service, in the Libyan capital to make preparations for establishing the EU’s diplomatic mission there, reports

The foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday that Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign-policy chief, had turned to Hungary, and its embassy in Tripoli would give “every necessary political, diplomatic and logistical support” for establishing the EU’s mission.

The head of the EU delegation, Agostino Miozzo, paid tribute to the help which Hungary has provided as the only diplomatic mission to remain open in Tripoli throughout the civil war, providing diplomatic services for other EU member states, the statement said. Hungary is ready to continue its role in providing representation for the EU as long as it is needed, it added.

Hungary’s embassy in Tripoli has also seen to the diplomatic tasks of the United States and Canada based on a separate agreement.