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Hungary: Telework gets complex help from Ministry

Instead of using simple telework subsidies, the Social Affairs and Labor Ministry now offers complex labor market programs, which will result in creating new telework jobs.

The first such program will be launched in September, and will promote the employment of disadvantaged groups (women returning from maternity leave, carrier starters, people above the age of 50) with a Ft 26 billion ($144 million) budget earmarked until 2009. The subsidies will be funded from both EU and domestic sources. About 20,000 people is hoped to find a job with the help of the program, Minister Mónika Lamperth said.

At the beginning of next year, another program is going to be started with Ft 16 billion ($88 million) funding, to help disabled people find jobs. The Ministry hopes to help 10,000 people with this initiative. In the course of four existing telework support programs, Ft 1.6 billion has been spent on creating 3,048 new jobs. According to a follow-up survey, 80% of the employers did not cut the jobs even after the end of the support period. (Napi Gazdaság)