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Hungary: OVB certifies referendum credentials

The national election committee (OVB) found that the main opposition Fidesz party has raised the necessary number of signatures to announce the referendum initiated by the group.

Leading opposition party Fidesz managed to collect at least 250,000 valid signatures for each of the three recently promoted referendum issues (tuition and visit fees and hospital per diem), reported the National Election Committee (OVB). The resolution can be appealed at the Supreme Court (LB) within three days, and LB has another three days to decide on the possible supervision requests. Then OVB’s chairperson will inform the Speaker of the House on the referendum initiation. The validity of the signatures was examined by the Central Office of Public Administration Services, on the request of OVB. There was a 5% mathematical sample taken and result is based on a 99% probability.(Napi Gazdaság)