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Hungary opens labor market for Romanians

Hungary will open its labour market for Romanian workers without restrictions, Prime Minister Ference Gyurcsány said Wednesday after a joint Romanian-Hungarian government session in the central Romanian city Sibiu.

From January 1, 2008 Romanians would be able to work in all areas of the Hungarian economy without a permit, Gyurcsány added. His Romanian colleague Calin Popescu Tariceanu welcomed this decision as a priority of principle despite the current crisis on the Romanian labor market. During the joint government session the two countries also agreed on the construction of a high-speed train connection between the two capitals Budapest and Bucharest and the Romanian coastal resort Constanta by the Black Sea.

Both governments wanted to back the speeding up of the Nabucco project to build a gas pipeline from the Kaspian region to Western Europe, it was said. This alternative resource could secure the region’s independence with regards to energy, Tariceanu said. A total of 15 agreements were signed during this third joint Romanian-Hungarian government session, including issues such as the coordination of national development plans subsidized by the European Union as well as regional and cross-border projects. (m&